SEIU Nevada Local 1107 2018 Endorsements


U.S. 参议院

Jacky Rosen

U.S. 国会

District 1: Dina Titus
District 3: Susie Lee
District 4: Steven Horsford

Constitutional Offices

Governor: Steve Sisolak
Lt. Governor: Kate Marshall
Attorney General: Aaron Ford
Secretary of State: Nelson Araujo
State Treasurer: Zach Conine
State Controller: Catherine Byrne

Clark County

Clark County Commissioner District E: Richard “Tick” Segerblom
Clark County Commissioner District F: Justin Jones
Clark County Commissioner District G: Jim Gibson
Clark County Public Administrator: Robert Telles
Clark County Assessor: Briana Johnson
Clark County Recorder: Jill MacFarlane

State 参议院

参议院 Dist. 2: Mo Denis
参议院 Dist. 8: Marilyn Dondero Loop
参议院 Dist. 9: Melanie Scheible
参议院 Dist. 10: Yvanna Cancela
参议院 Dist. 13: Julia Ratti
参议院 Dist. 14: Wendy Boszak
参议院 Dist. 16: Tina Davis-Hersey
参议院 Dist. 20: Julie Pazina
参议院 District 21: James Ohrenschall

State Assembly

Assembly Dist. 1: Daniele Monroe-Moreno
Assembly Dist. 2: Jennie Sherwood
Assembly Dist. 3: Selena Torres
Assembly Dist. 4: Connie Munk
Assembly Dist. 5: Brittney Miller
Assembly Dist. 6: William McCurdy II
Assembly Dist. 7: Dina Neal
Assembly Dist. 8: Jason Frierson
Assembly Dist. 9: Steve Yeager
Assembly Dist. 10: Chris Brooks
Assembly Dist. 11: Olivia Diaz
Assembly Dist. 12: Susan Martinez
Assembly Dist. 14: Maggie Carlton
Assembly Dist. 15: Howard Watts
Assembly Dist. 16: Heidi Swank
Assembly Dist. 17: Tyrone Thompson
Assembly Dist. 18: Richard Carrillo
Assembly Dist. 20: Ellen Spiegel
Assembly Dist. 21: Ozzie Fumo
Assembly Distr. 22: Kristee Watson
Assembly Dist. 24: Sarah Peters
Assembly Dist. 27: Teresa Benitez-Thompson
Assembly Dist. 28: Edgar Flores
Assembly Dist. 29: Lesley Cohen
Assembly Dist. 30: Mike Sprinkle
Assembly Dist. 31: Richard “Skip” Daly
Assembly Dist. 34: Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod
Assembly Dist. 35: Michelle Gorelow
Assembly Dist. 36: James Oscarson
Assembly Dist. 37: Shea Backus
Assembly Dist. 40: Autumn Zemke
Assembly Dist. 41: Sandra Jauregui
Assembly Dist. 42: Alexander Assef

Judicial Races
Justice of the Supreme Court
Elissa Cadish – Seat C
Abbi Silver – Seat F
Lidia Stiglich – Seat G
District Court Judge, Dept 18 – Mark Bailus
District Court Judge, Dept 10 – Tierra Jones
Justice of the Peace, Las Vegas Township Dept. 1 – Elana Lee Graham

Question 1. No Position
Marsys’ Law

Question 2. 是的
“Pink Tax”

Question 3. No
Energy Choice Initiative

Question 4. No Position
Medical Equipment Tax

Question 5. 是的
Automatic Voter Registration

Question 6. 是的
50% Clean Energy Portfolio

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